Days can be long, days can be stressful, interactions can be bumpy.  When you walk in to your home, do you want to simply let go and relax?

Do you want to hold something or look at something that immediately reduces your blood pressure by 10 or 20 points?  Do you want to look at something that makes you breathe a sigh of relief?

I can help.  I create archetypical emotional figurative art and jewelry infused with symbols and animals.  Invoking healing and growth is one of the main focuses of my work and I hope you can be inspired to grow and heal as well. The intention is to elicit a reflective response to heal.  Every piece that pours out of my heart with the intention of significant meaning.



If you’re looking for a remembrance of peace inside you, my fine art originals or prints are just the ticket.  They are each created with symbols, stories, and hidden messages to speak directly to your heart.


Sometimes, the reminders come by wearing a piece of meaningful jewelry.  You can remember your true nature by wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry.  A symbol can bring forth a special remembrance that is only known to you.


If writing or drawing releases your inner tension, you can have a piece of functional art with one of my beautiful journals.  Each journal is hand painted, papers are individually selected and stitched together, a durable polyurethane coating covers the entire journal.  Not only can you look at your beautiful piece, but you can use it to write your thoughts or sketch your ideas.

You can read my full artist story here:


Here’s what people are saying:

From Norma: “For those who don’t know I have had quite the connection with several of Marianne’s paintings. Some that I would just catch a glimpse of in the background of a photo she posted (some not even finished) and know that it was meant to be with me as they each carried a message of healing. I’ve been working on myself trying to resolve past and even some not so far in the past hurts and traumas that I finally let get me to a place of much darkness.”

From Lynnitta: “Visionary Angel is stunning! I love her. With Facade to remind me to be more open and not hide behind a facade, let the real me out, cracks and all; and now Visionary Angel tells me not only am I loved and watched over, but also that I am more than I usually allow myself to believe!! Your artwork and jewelry is awesome and speaks to my soul!! I’m thrilled to be able to own a few pieces! It’s exciting to watch you grow as an artist!! You inspire me to find my voice as an artist! Thank you so much.”

From Susan: “The custom pendant Marianne created for me is exquisite, and her customer service is beyond fantastic! I can’t recommend her highly enough, and I’m already looking forward to future projects with this artist.”

From Melinda: “I am the lucky lady that scored this notebook. It is very amazing and exceeds anything I was expecting. I LOVE everything about this book.”

From Lynn: “This year John surprised me (again) with portraits of our dogs. (Last year, the boys). Penney is on the left looking over her shoulder at me the day before she went over the Rainbow Bridge and our quiet little Max is on the right. They were done by our amazing artist cousin, Marianne Goodell. I wept when I saw little Penney and was so glad John got a print of Max as well. Marianne’s ability to draw the eyes so life-like is such a talent! John is framing them with an orange wood and I can’t wait to get them in the wall! Thank you, Marianne, for such a special Christmas morning! xoxo”

From Annie: “Dear Marianne! Your painting arrived yesterday and it is totally fabulous! Love the depth and mystery, such intriguing story and so well executed. She is hanging on the wall of my studio now. For the price you let go of her – its a steal! I appreciate it how affordable you made it for me. She is worth so much more! (I just made a million dollar investment of the future famous artist.)”



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