Phoenix Rising and Integration

Phoenix Rising and Integration

“We are on a journey not to be perfect, but to be whole.”
― Eileen Anglin

Symbols are a very important element in my personal life. I use them as external reminders for internal exploration.  For instance, if I’m needing strength in my life, I might turn to a symbol that means strength to me.  When I look at that symbol, I imagine how that particular element can be expressed within myself.  Since symbols are so powerful to me, I like to incorporate them into my work.

One of the very first paintings I created just after the new year in 2017, I created a painting with a Phoenix.  The piece was entitled “From the Ashes” and was symbolic of starting over, rebirth, letting go of the old, and reinvention.  For me it was symbolic of finding my own voice as an artist.  The figure has a halo in this piece representing her divinity.  The Phoenix represents a complete change.

From the Ashes

A few months later, a second painting with a Phoenix showed up.  In that particular piece, there was a little bit more integration of the idea of a “Rebirth” because the figure held her own flame.  The Phoenix was near her, but as a gentle reminder of those traits.


Fast forward 11 months.  My own artistic voice has become more solid.  The messages that want to come through my brush come out in my own personal style.  So, when I was recently asked to paint another Phoenix painting, I wondered how I would paint it.  Of course, once I started, the intuitive portion of my process came forth and I knew what to do.  Because the idea of the Phoenix has been integrated into my own personal development, I found that when I painted this that the figure is now stronger, the lines between her and the Phoenix are more blurred, and some of the Phoenix’s colors are integrated into the figure.  She’s solid while the flames of the Phoenix surround her eyes as a part of her very essence. A full integration has taken place.  This is “Integration.”


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