Send Me An Angel

Send Me An Angel

“Just because you can’t see your angels, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there.” ~ Unknown

Natural disaster after natural disaster after natural disaster.  It seemed like this summer was one long series of natural disasters.  It felt relentless.  As each tragedy happened, my heart broke a little more.  And, then the shooting in Las Vegas broke my heart completely.

I started questioning what I do and why I do it.  It felt so frivolous.  I couldn’t bring myself to make a piece of jewelry.  I couldn’t bring myself to paint a stroke. Why would I do that?  How would it help? People lost lives. People lost loved ones. People lost their homes.

Eventually, I couldn’t stop myself from doing what I do.Enameling is something that consumes my every thought because of the focus required to execute the tasks.  (If I’m not focused, I’ll burn myself, lol).  Anyway, I decided I was going to create an abstract design.  As I work, I lay the wires looking for interesting designs by adding and subtracting until the layout is pleasing to my eye.  The process is very intuitive.

After the wires were fired into the enamel and I laid down the silver and gold, And, then the magic happened. I noticed that the design was that of an angel.  I had no intention of making an angel.  She just showed up.

Then, the same thing happened while I was painting one of my faces.  I was simply laying down colors and the next thing I know, a wing poured out of my brush.  She showed up strong and caring.  She felt like a guide to me simply because she held a vision that I could not see.

Because these two angels came through me and into physical manifestation, I felt it only fitting that I turn around and offer them for some type of charitable event.  The painting “Visionary Guardian Angel” is being offered in a fundraiser for the Salvation Army Angel Tree Program. The enameled pendant, “Send Me An Angel” will be offered through Soulhart’s fundraiser for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico.

Both of these fundraisers will be offered through Facebook. If you need help getting there, let me know and I can help you.

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